The midday light is a special kind of hue. It sits high over your home and washes down the sides and through the windows like the pretend egg you crack over your friend’s head. Do you remember doing that as a kid? As your hands run down the sides of their face lightly, they get the sensation that you really cracked an egg over their head.

That’s what the midday light feels like. It isn’t blaring through the windows like the sunrise or sunset does. It’s not a blast of golden yellow light illuminating and even blinding at times. It is a simpler light. A softer hue. For indoor photographers it is a nice time to take subtle photographs. The shadows aren’t long and the feel is warm and inviting.

I am beginning to embrace the ‘midday light’ in many areas of my life. Midday. Midwesterner. Midlife. Middle of the road politics. Mid-century design. Stopping mid-sentence before you get too far with your runaway words. Starting over mid-way as a means to not-quite-begin-again but rather to determine a better conclusion.

We have a tendency to gravitate toward the extremes in life. The far right. The far left. I am finding, however, there is a quiet wisdom in the mid. It is there that we pause and reconsider. To contemplate our trajectory. At 53 years old, I am well aware of my past mistakes and personality defects. But I am also able to course-correct. To tweak the direction my life is going and to hone in on the things I don’t find particularly admirable and make changes where necessary. It is also a time to reflect on the choices we’ve made thus far that were honorable and right and the people who have graced and enriched our lives.

Will you join me in the mid? Can you pause at midday and course-correct your day? Can we be brave together and know that just because the morning was stressful and harried, we have the ability to change the way the day ends. Figuratively and literally.

There is something very special about midday, but it only lasts a short time. They tell us to stop and smell the roses. In a similar fashion, I’m wondering if we can sit a few minutes in our day – in our life – and bask in the softer hue of the midday light.

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