but first, sanity

Scott and I had hoped to thoroughly experience the coffee shops of Kansas City this summer and fall. I have an extensive list of shops to visit and we’ve been carefully checking them off, one by one.

Even though we are knee-deep in hotel reservations, putty knife hole-filling and putting together far too many boxes, we decided to step out of the moving fray for just a bit this morning and take our laptops and ever-expanding To Do lists to the Filling Station coffee shop to work from there. We needed to be ‘filled up’ with a different perspective and environment. (One that doesn’t include boxes and packing tape.)

It was invigorating to work in a sunlit atmosphere with the smells of coffee beans and blueberry muffins wafting through the air. The noise of people working and laughing was just what we needed.

I am once again reminded that people process change in different ways and that great latitude needs to be offered to friends and family in order for everyone to feel secure and included. As my wise friend, RuAnn, once told me: Sometimes you just have to do the next thing. And these days, the next thing is buying pheromone spray for the cat and setting aside emergency clothes just in case our moving truck doesn’t arrive for a few weeks. There are papers to sort through and the delicate navigation of not killing your spouse (or being killed) while deadlines continue to mount.

Doing life is hard work sometimes. Offering mercy to others – and yourself – is often a mental tweak that lays down the defensive rhetoric and backs away, quietly, in love.

Filling up our tanks is vital work. I needed a holy filling station this morning? Coffee and Jesus, baby. Coffee and Jesus. 😁

I am going to start tagging my posts on social media with the hashtag: #kccold2californiagold to bring together all the various posts. There will be some on Instagram and some on Facebook. I hope you’ll follow along for the whole wild ride!