My typical M.O.? ⠀
Need a distraction: start a new book.

Let me talk a second about the critically acclaimed book I just finished, though: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. ⠀

Here was my Goodreads review. If you’ve read the book, I’m very curious about your thoughts…please share!⠀


There are so many five stars and glowing reviews for this book. And yes, I was sucked in quickly and found the initial issue intriguing as to how it was manipulated and handled in days past. It made me rethink many celebrity relationships and how difficult it must have been to be a public figure with a career-busting secret life. ⠀

But by the end of the book, I felt so issue-laden I found it easy to just ‘hurry up and finish the book already.’ It seems as if there was originally and a good behind-the-scenes approach to a singular issue but then the author crammed in so many other controversial issues that my compassion (and interest) waned in its ability to feel for them all. It was too much. And too often, prosaic and sugary cliches were employed; throw away lines below the ability of the author that caused involuntary eyerolls from this reader. ⠀

I didn’t exactly hate the book. Again, it had a solid start and interesting approach. But, I didn’t love the book either.


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