A Slow Corner

I recently read an article about creating A Slow Corner in your home. I loved that idea.

This little space was intended to be a dining room, I believe. We recently moved to a little 70s ranch home that we’ve been filling with our things and tweaking what’s here. This space wouldn’t hold our dining table and chairs comfortably so I claimed it for a reading nook. Or better yet, a slow corner.

It’s just off the living room area before you turn to go into the kitchen. The door leads into the laundry room. (I have dreams of putting my Dutch door there someday.)

Longer term, I would like to make some faux wooden beams to wrap around the white ‘pillars’ that are there now. I’d also like to plant morning glories on the fence outside the window to add to the hygge vibe of the room.

This dark green velvet chair is the perfect spot to get lost in a book. Or even my own thoughts.

I found this print of Steve McQueen online. It screamed mid-century to me.

I put our little record player in there along with our ever-growing record collection that spans anywhere from Sinatra’s greatest hits to the Village People to Nat King Cole’s Christmas Favorites. Ha! It’s fun to find new albums wherever we go. The scratchy sounds instantly transport me back to a time before cellphones and a break-neck pace of life. A few of you have asked about my bar cart. I found it in my favorite junk store in Omaha. It was pale yellow (a little rusty) with darkened silver side poles. I taped off the shelves and spray painted the silver a brushed gold. Then I taped them off and spray painted the shelves with a Rustoleum bright white. It was an easy redo that’s made a big impact wherever it lands.

The disco ball lights up in the late afternoon when the setting sun hits it just right through the window. It’s an afternoon delight for sure.

I wanted a bookshelf to run the length of this half wall but didn’t have one that size. So we installed shelves, side by side, in two layers. I’m already running out of space but I’m hoping it will motivate me to NOT buy anymore books until I get these read down a bit more. The books are categorized into history, fiction, non-fiction, faith, memoir/biography, gardening and cookbooks.

The rule I try to adhere to the most in this room is to leave my cellphone somewhere else in the house. This is for slow thinking and slow activities. A time to myself to regroup and just plain ol’ chill.

We all have many responsibilities under the roofs of our homes. What a wonderful concept to create a corner where everything can slow down for a few minutes and reconnection with our true selves can occur.

So. What do you think of this space?

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