I don’t know why I’ve had such a difficult time bonding with this room. I feel so fortunate to have room for all my creative supplies and a space to create, but I guess my focus has been on the other rooms since our move.

Today, however, I am making it a point to force this relationship!

As with any crafter, we love collecting supplies but after time, some of them become…tiresome. I am a classic hoarder when it comes to supplies. But after our big move to California, I thoroughly culled through what supplies I have and kept only the ones I truly love. The rest will be given to a charity (side note: I have been told that the Girls Scouts always need supplies for their projects!)

The above image is one of my favorite quotes from a Rachel Ashwell book: Whatever became of the conversations that took place after the ‘you wash and I’ll dry’ decision was reached? If you’ve ever stood with a spouse or child and washed/dried dishes together, you know the conversations can be true treasures.

I propped open my laptop to some mindless tv watching (I listened to too many podcasts yesterday!) and flipped through some inspiration – which seems to come directly from Suse Fish these days. Last year I participated in her 100 Days of Scrap Therapy and LOVED how it helped me 1) get rid of scraps and 2) took my hand and led me away from the typical scrapbook norms. I came to scrapbooking during the Creating Keepsakes era when archival was of paramount concern. But when making these fun little albums (…do I really need them to be around in 100 years?!…) I grabbed another one of my loves – magazines – and did some old-fashioned cutting. The title for a Chico’s commercial became the title page for our California adventure: Growing bolder not older.

It’s a fun challenge to use what you’ve got. But that’s a part of a Slow Lifestyle, right? Being content with what is.

I’m looking forward to more pages about our bold move – and I’m also looking forward to spending time in my now-bonded creative space.

What do you do to get your creative juices flowing again after a period of time away from it? How do you get your groove back?

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