“The pages of my notebook swell from all the words I’ve pressed on to them. It almost feels like the more I bruise the page, the quicker something inside me heals.”⠀

Without question, Poet X will be in my top five favorite books I’ve read this year. ⠀

I am such a fan of the performance art of spoken word. Many decades ago, my mother ‘gave readings’. The art of performing words is unique and celebratory and deeply moving. Mom was asked often to perform her pieces and I was honored to give one of them at her funeral. ⠀

Poet X is about a high school student discovering the art of slam poetry. She doesn’t seem to fit anywhere in her world but lives within the words of her journals and poetry. When describing her intelligent twin brother: “He is an award-winning bound book where I am loose and blank pages.” An English teacher convinces this quiet girl to join the poetry club. After much hesitation, she finally joins and finds not only friends and acceptance but ultimately finds her voice.

There is only one other book I would suggest people listen to the audio version over the written word – ‘Ava’s Man’ by Rick Bragg. The ‘Poet X’ is another book that is enhanced by listening to the author’s reading of it. She reads it in an almost spoken word style. It is melodious and inspiring. I can not recommend it highly enough.

“Every time I think about Amon, poems build inside me. Like I’ve been gifted a box of metaphor Legos that I stack and stack and stack. I keep waiting for someone to knock them over.”⠀

“When she asked how I was doing, the words trip and twist their ankles trying to rush out of my mouth.”⠀

This YA book will live for a very long time in my soul. It found a crack and crawled right in. It is beautiful and powerful and a must for your to-be-read list. ⠀

One final quote of personal interest. I am lovingly referred to a ‘g’ by my friends so imagine my grin at her own reference: ⠀

“X. I love this new nickname. How it’s such a small letter but still fits all of me.”

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