and a hearty hello to you too, 2019

I’m not sure I am a resolutions kind of gal, but I am definitely a reflections type of gal. What worked last year? What do I wish to tweak? What, more importantly, went well and should stay the course?

For those enneagram followers out there, I am a 5. I am a ‘reflector’ by nature. Not just at New Year’s but almost daily: How can I make this better? Stronger? Do I need to change anything at all or was it okay just as is? It is my joy and my millstone.

It seems every year I begin with the same realization: I want to write more…to make it a daily discipline. But boy oh boy am I good at talking myself out of it. While I may be an enneagram 5, my spiritual gift is certainly RATIONALIZATION. (face palm)

What I am trying to sever is two thoughts in my mind:

  • No one reads blogs anymore. Everything must be quick and soundbite-length.
  • and, Can you write, Greta, just for the sake of writing? No statistics attached?

If I can succeed at separating these two thoughts – which, until now, have been joined like Siamese twins – I would find more joy in writing for the sake of just flushing out ideas and processing thoughts. I wish I could block all statistics of every kind – it would make me a happier person. But I can’t do that, so…how do I divorce statistics from writing? The only answer I can come up with (which is surely too simplified to actually work) is simply to just do it. Just write. Just don’t care.

You’re right. It’s probably doomed.

In my About page, I talk about the joy of words resonating between two individuals. The ‘I’ve been thinking that too, but didn’t know I was thinking it’ phenomenon that happens when we read others’ words. I love it when that happens, don’t you?! That is my greatest hope when you land here on this blog – that something will make sense to you on a visceral level. Or that you’ll find a DIY project that sparks creative ideas for you too. Or maybe home decor ideas that make you jump up and use what you already have to make a few tweaks around your home.

What I won’t emphasize is GO OUT AND BUY! There’s already too much of that out there. Of course we all indulge in new items here and there but a daily diet of BUY MORE just simply isn’t healthy.

Because I don’t know how to succinctly categorize my blog, I will go with the oft-used moniker: lifestyle blog. What you’ll find: A few words (sometimes too many…err, like right now, Greta. Let’s cut this off soon!) A few projects. Occasional book reviews. Some glimpses around our home. Plants, to be sure. But always, the whole of my heart.

2019. Let’s go slower and sit longer. Let’s lap up adventure one day and sit with our chai and a good book the next. Let’s reject being prescriptive and embrace our flawed and scuffed-up authentic selves. And while we’re at it, let’s do it the ‘old-fashioned way’ of blogging a few times a week – all written from right here, at my dining room table, wishing you were sitting across from me, talking through each post in person. That’s how I imagine it…just a casual conversation between friends.

Praying, hoping, and looking forward to connecting with you this year –

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