Get back up on the horse, g

It’s been far too long since I have played with paper and glue. It used to be such a huge part of my life, but for various reasons I have let it slip into zero drive.

Perhaps the biggest reason, is that the hobby was once at 100,000% GO, GO, GO! My task now is to find a happy medium. Enough to work out my creative need to play with patterns and textures – as well as memory keeping – but not so much as it takes over my world (and my wallet!)

Therefore, I have resolved to spend more time in ‘my room’ in 2019. Creating and playing for the sake of playing. This is the one room in the house that refuses to answer the question, ‘Is this too much?’ because everything goes. We can always edit later.

Scott and I have been on a few trips around our new state of California. And already I can tell the details are starting to get confusing. So I had the idea to make a California Adventures scrapbook album to document (in a simple and picture-heavy way) when we took the trip, what the take-aways were, etc.

This has been such a monumental move for us – so I want to remember all the new adventures and exploring that we do along the way.

Our first trek outside our home after the rigors of driving to California, scouring places to live, hotel living, finding a home, sending for our boxes, unloading, unpacking, rearranging….whew. We’d been locked to our house and it’s many needs for too long – we needed to get out and go explore.

As it so happened, a big apple festival was in a nearby town. Many people (real estate agents, etc) had told us about this festival in Placerville, California. On a bright, chilly, Fall day – we popped in the car and drove to the foothill mountains to experience it for ourselves. We were annual visitors to the Louisburg Apple Festival in Louisburg, Kansas – so this was our chance to grab some cider donuts and see a new part of the country. and a new apple festival.

I mentioned there were ‘reasons’ I had stopped scrapbooking and one of them was the well-known piece of equipment in papercrafting circles: The Silhouette.

Scott has encouraged me numerous times to buy this cutting machine. It does everything, it seems, and I can easily envision all the projects I could do with it.

But. But,,. There’s one very clear thing I know about myself. And each time I was on the precipice of investing in this $300 machine the little voice inside my head would remind me just HOW MUCH I DETEST details. I hate reading up about technology and reading manuals and………….I just never have trusted myself to invest in something that I know would eventually collect dust on the shelf and guilt in my heart.

I needed some leaves for the Apple Hill layout I was going to do. “Greta”, I said to myself. “You came up in scrapbooking in the 90’s. You are PERFECTLY capable to cut out leaves the good old fashioned way!”

I googled ‘printable leaf templates’. Printed them off. Used the high-tech gadget called Scotch tape and cut them out on the printed papers I had selected. Done and done. The whole thing cost a great deal less than $300.

(As a side note: I am not dissing The Silhouette. It’s an awesome machine. Just not one that I can justify with my own personality faults and tendencies.)

Black and white with splashes of Fall colors. What a win. I am still a big ol’ sucker for sewing on my scrapbook pages, so of course there was a little of that too. This is the ‘title page’ for this particular adventure in October 2018. The rest of the pages are just pocket pages filled with 4×6 pictures and some journaling explanations. Voila. Simple but with a little creative play as well.

I now need to catch up on a few more adventures (trips to Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Salinas and Monterey Beach.) I won’t get them all done before this weekend, but I’ve made a start – and that’s half the battle, right?

This weekend one of our Kansas City friends is coming for a quick visit. If the weather works in our favor, we are planning a daytrip to San Francisco with her as well as a trip to see the redwoods in Arnold, California.

Lots more adventures ahead! Come be a part of one!


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