BBQ man, Biofreeze and Backyard Shenanigans

I can’t quite get over the difference in weather here in California. I am a Midwestern girl from the get-go so getting used to these warm, wintery days leaves me with a deep sense of gratitude for days spent working in the yard.

Scott has been researching and stalking a new BBQ grill for months. He’s carefully watched ads and sales and when the time was right, he pounced like a sleek cat after delectable prey.

We rented a Lowe’s truck and brought home his new baby. Meanwhile, I am loading up my Pinterest boards with grilled salmon, grilled vegetables, etc. It’s going to be a delicious summer…

Below is an embarrassing ‘Before’ picture. The previous owners had a hot tub out here on this concrete block – the perfect spot for a new BBQ grill.

And even though we haven’t lived in California for very long, we have developed a deep judgemental spirit for people who don’t keep their palm trees properly cut. We have a lot of plans for this area over the next few months, but there’s nothing I can do about this towering palm that needs a matchbox and a good ax……but that’s out of our yard, out of our control.

I am also going to run a fast-growing vine up this fence to cover the neighbor’s shed as well. But that’s all still to come. Hopefully we’ll have more interesting ‘After’ pictures by summer’s end.


We spent all day yesterday, working in the yard. Scott put together his grill and canopy and mounted them to the concrete area. I planted hostas, bleeding hearts and lily of the valley in our side shade garden. We squatted and shoveled and lifted and ……we are so sore this morning we can barely move!

While deciding what would be our Virgin BBQ Dinner – the first time we used the grill – Scott (in a move that describes his personality perfectly!) suggested he make steaks.

I (in a move that describes my personality perfectly -ha!) suggested we dial it back a bit and maybe start with hamburgers and brats first so he could get to know his new grill better.

Scott, ever the enthusiast.
Me, ever the ‘proceed with caution’.

We had a delicious grilled dinner (and found a new grocery store we really like in the preparation process). It was a win-win-win day for us. Now for some Ibuprofen, Biofreeze, and another trip back to Lowe’s for more plants!

Grill details:
Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Dual Function Combo Grill
It has an offset smoker/charcoal grill and a gas burner grill with a side burner. It also has a happy wife who doesn’t have to heat up the house.

I picked this little bouquet yesterday. Roses, ranunculus, stock, poppy and ferns – all from our backyard. It makes my heart so very happy.

That’s what’s going on over on the Left Coast. What’s happening in your backyard today???

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