coast on by

Have you priced a set of coasters lately?!

I’m not necessarily a ‘thrifty gal’. I’m sure there are things I purchase that others might think are crazy so ‘thrifty’ and ‘indulgent’ can be fairly relative terms. But I recently priced coaster sets for our outside table. We have family coming to visit next month so I need around 10 of them. Most sets are sold as 4 coasters and can run from $10-15. I didn’t want to spend $30-45 just on coasters! PLUS, I didn’t want flat coasters. We’ll be eating outside so our glasses will definitely be sweating so I wanted something that could catch the condensation.

…….I know what you’re thinking. Greta is a Classic Overthinker! Newsflash: that’s not a newsflash. – ha!

Another thing you may be thinking: This is an outside table so doesn’t it get wet when it rains?? Well yes. I don’t care if the glasses sweat onto the table, I just don’t want actual wet glass rings staining the table.

Yes. yes. Overthinking.

So I set out to make my own.

I had some leftover drop cloth material. (I love to use and abuse painters drop cloth.) I cut the drop cloth: 5×5″ I also had leftover flannel which I cut: 4×4″

It was like putting together wonton wrappers. And yes, I AM craving crab rangoon now.

I sewed each square together with a 1/2″ seam. Then a simple cross in the middle…

After sewing the X, I frayed the edges (which accumulated all over the place.)

Such a simple project. The coasters would be really cute in various colors and patterns too, for whatever your decor. A little leftover material, a sewing machine and a springtime afternoon. Bring on the summer!

So now we are prepared for those lusciously cold drinks. I’ll just toss a bunch of these into a basket outside and we’ll be ready to party!

Come over for a sit and sip! We’ll throw some burgers on the BBQ.

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