Pacific Pots and Plants

I have two new loves in my life: Pacific Natural and a funky new euphorbia plant. (Well actually, I guess it’s three new loves because I crushed hard over this new terra cotta pot.)

I have really been enjoying this book lately. Maybe I should take a step back and say I am really enjoying the Pacific coast lately. The weather, the vibe, the aesthetic. California is agreeing with me.

Reading through this beautiful book brings about a sense of calm mixed with a renewed interest in entertaining. Scott and I both enjoy having people over to our home and now we have the added ‘room’ of our backyard. Jenni Kayne speaks straight to our al fresco style of entertainment.

Additionally, Kayne writes of eating seasonally. Getting to know California seasons has been like learning a new language, it’s so unlike our Midwestern roots. But we keep watching the fruits and vegetables that seem to come and go from our local markets and are making mental notes of when the best time is to buy each of them. And boy oh boy are we ready to visit some local farmer’s markets this summer! 

Simple and elegant – two unlikely partners that marry so well together.

How cute is this S’mores to go hostess gift?? Handmade and thoughtful. (Not to mention yummy!)

My new plant buddy is an Euphorbia xylophylloides. It’s flat leaves and funky growth pattern spoke to me as I walked past it in the garden center. I was a little worried about its yellow/orange tips until I read that’s a sign of new growth happening.

I thought it would look nice in a terra cotta pot but when we wandered over to that area, this rockstar stood out to me.  It’s hard to see how big it is, but it’s a good size. I think it will look great on our fireplace hearth – standing out against the white brick. We looked and looked for a pricetag but eventually just gave up and took it to the register. We purchased all of our things and lugged it all to the car.

Scott checked the receipt that said the pot was on sale for $12 – we couldn’t believe it. We headed BACK inside and picked up the remaining two pots to use somewhere else!

I love it’s terra cotta legs and Spanish style!

This succulent cactus was in a nursery pot of course. I set it up outside to transfer it to its new rockstar terra cotta pot. I thought I’d be able to lift it as a whole out of the plastic pot and into the new pot. But when I started picking it up, of the individual ‘leaves’ fell onto the ground.

Succulents have such small roots but I thought this was one big plant with individual ‘branches’. Much to my surprise, they are each individual – autonomous – plants.

I picked each one out of the mess of dirt on the ground and laid them out into height-sized piles. I then started burying them in the new pot of dirt – tallest in the middle and working my way out. In the end, it worked much better so that I could ‘design’ the style of the overall pot. (I also kept a few back to start another pot of these unusual succulents.)

I think Jenni Kayne, author of Pacific Natural, would be proud of my purchases. #pacificproud

coast on by

Have you priced a set of coasters lately?!

I’m not necessarily a ‘thrifty gal’. I’m sure there are things I purchase that others might think are crazy so ‘thrifty’ and ‘indulgent’ can be fairly relative terms. But I recently priced coaster sets for our outside table. We have family coming to visit next month so I need around 10 of them. Most sets are sold as 4 coasters and can run from $10-15. I didn’t want to spend $30-45 just on coasters! PLUS, I didn’t want flat coasters. We’ll be eating outside so our glasses will definitely be sweating so I wanted something that could catch the condensation.

…….I know what you’re thinking. Greta is a Classic Overthinker! Newsflash: that’s not a newsflash. – ha!

Another thing you may be thinking: This is an outside table so doesn’t it get wet when it rains?? Well yes. I don’t care if the glasses sweat onto the table, I just don’t want actual wet glass rings staining the table.

Yes. yes. Overthinking.

So I set out to make my own.

I had some leftover drop cloth material. (I love to use and abuse painters drop cloth.) I cut the drop cloth: 5×5″ I also had leftover flannel which I cut: 4×4″

It was like putting together wonton wrappers. And yes, I AM craving crab rangoon now.

I sewed each square together with a 1/2″ seam. Then a simple cross in the middle…

After sewing the X, I frayed the edges (which accumulated all over the place.)

Such a simple project. The coasters would be really cute in various colors and patterns too, for whatever your decor. A little leftover material, a sewing machine and a springtime afternoon. Bring on the summer!

So now we are prepared for those lusciously cold drinks. I’ll just toss a bunch of these into a basket outside and we’ll be ready to party!

Come over for a sit and sip! We’ll throw some burgers on the BBQ.