coast on by

Have you priced a set of coasters lately?!

I’m not necessarily a ‘thrifty gal’. I’m sure there are things I purchase that others might think are crazy so ‘thrifty’ and ‘indulgent’ can be fairly relative terms. But I recently priced coaster sets for our outside table. We have family coming to visit next month so I need around 10 of them. Most sets are sold as 4 coasters and can run from $10-15. I didn’t want to spend $30-45 just on coasters! PLUS, I didn’t want flat coasters. We’ll be eating outside so our glasses will definitely be sweating so I wanted something that could catch the condensation.

…….I know what you’re thinking. Greta is a Classic Overthinker! Newsflash: that’s not a newsflash. – ha!

Another thing you may be thinking: This is an outside table so doesn’t it get wet when it rains?? Well yes. I don’t care if the glasses sweat onto the table, I just don’t want actual wet glass rings staining the table.

Yes. yes. Overthinking.

So I set out to make my own.

I had some leftover drop cloth material. (I love to use and abuse painters drop cloth.) I cut the drop cloth: 5×5″ I also had leftover flannel which I cut: 4×4″

It was like putting together wonton wrappers. And yes, I AM craving crab rangoon now.

I sewed each square together with a 1/2″ seam. Then a simple cross in the middle…

After sewing the X, I frayed the edges (which accumulated all over the place.)

Such a simple project. The coasters would be really cute in various colors and patterns too, for whatever your decor. A little leftover material, a sewing machine and a springtime afternoon. Bring on the summer!

So now we are prepared for those lusciously cold drinks. I’ll just toss a bunch of these into a basket outside and we’ll be ready to party!

Come over for a sit and sip! We’ll throw some burgers on the BBQ.

v v valentiney

When do you know if something is just ‘too much’? Coco advised always taking off one item of jewelry before leaving the house.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, however, I ignore all the rules. More is more. The more love the better.

I’ve started adding some Valentine’s Day things around the house. I’ll tweak and edit but it’s fun to just throw everything out there and adjust as the days go by.

I made some wonky, rustic hearts this year. I used old fabric and even a beloved Shabby Chic old sheet that I just can’t quit on. It wore a hole after years and years of use but I’ve kept it and have used it for many different projects. This year, these soft pink hearts.

I drew a wonky heart onto a manila file folder, traced it onto material, cut out the shapes, and sewed them together. I usually have a box of fiberfill but it must have been discarded in the move so I grabbed some cotton balls, pulled them apart and stuffed the hearts with those instead. Use whatcha got, pals!

I’ve had a unfinished wooden ‘love’ word for a couple of years but have never painted or done anything with it (gasp!, an unfinished project?! What?! ……#storyofmylife) But over the weekend, Scott made a rustic frame for me, we painted and stained it and voila’!, a cute finished project. Surely the very essence of the word love, no?

Pink, polka dot straws and Valentine’s pencils (I’m a huge sucker for cute pencils!)

And salmon-colored begonias from Lowe’s to add a little ‘live’ love to the mix.

This is one of my favorite phrases because it reminds me so much of Scott. I think I bought it the first year we were married. He does make me smile.

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? Do you cringe at the color red like I do? It can be hard to work with…until I shrug and say, ‘So what. Let’s dance, Red.’

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